Why it’s best NOT to “just Google it” ?

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Ever felt poorly and used the internet to try and diagnose yourself? Your search brings up 10,0000 results and the first two pages of information tell you twenty different things! And 99% of them are life threatening, when really you’ve just got a cold!?

Well, who is really in the best position to offer you medical advice, the internet and Google or a doctor? Clearly – it’s a doctor but time and time again we use the internet to research and make important decisions.

We all know Google will throw us answers based on a company's SEO; these companies have done extensive research into the key words that people are searching for in the search engines, they have spent a lot of money with Google AdWords and high profile SEO companies to get you to view these webpages.

The same applies when searching for software programmes online. You can ask Google as many questions as you like but its answers will only be based on the quality of the brand’s SEO. You can search through forums and blogs surrounding the topic but you won’t find tailor made advice.

By asking a consultant which software is the best option for your office he can then ask you questions in return (Google cannot do that, can it!?) to figure out what really is the best option for YOU. He can talk you through prices, installation, which package is the best for your needs and more. A consultant will always find out what is best for you, whereas Google will answer you based on who has paid them the most money through AdWords!!!

A Consultant will take the time to talk to you and learn about what you need as a business, he will talk to you face to face and offer tailor made advice. Google will just churn out the same answers as it has to the 1000s before you who have put the same questions into the popular search engines.

You wouldn’t use the internet to make other important decisions in your business; you wouldn’t ask Google who you should employ or if you should focus your businesses into a certain market, so why use it to make other business decisions?

You would ask professional opinion before making large purchases so why take risk of accepting internet advice for business software, when there is professional opinion readily available at the other end of the phone?

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