Some Tips on How to Achieve a Paperless Office

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Going paperless has a lot of benefits that every office would love to have:

The cost of office paper will be zero.

You will do the environment a huge favour, and that also can help a company’s image.

Having less paper to deal with also makes organising much easier.

If you’re interested in achieving a paperless office, just take a humourous hint from some of these great tips!

  • Instead of investing money in advertising through the mail, advertise through the internet instead. Social networking has been proven to be a highly effective way to get the word out about your company. So, encourage all your employees to go onto Myspace and begin playing games like Dog Wars and Sorority Life on company time. It’s good for productivity, and advertising.
  •  Fire your postman. Part of being paperless probably is not accepting paper, either. In fact, install a very large, menacing dog in front of your company’s office. This will likely keep postman from going near your letterbox.
  • Take all of the papers which were just printed before your meeting, and throw them in a shredder. Afterwards, use the shredded paper as cat litter, pillow stuffing, or compost. (You should recycle, after all.)
  • Instead of keeping a company phone book, use a company USB thumbdrive with all the important numbers you’ll need. Replace the toilet paper with eco-friendly nappies.
  • Explain to your customers that you are trying to go paperless. Give them an incentive to opt for electronic bills instead of paper bills. A good incentive is offering to cancel their subscriptions if they don’t switch.
  • If you have a lobby with magazines, it might be a good idea to get rid of paper there, as well. Use a small 13 inch black-and-white television to impress your clients in lieu of magazines. After all, you do want to appear tech savvy to future clients and employees.
  • Give your junior staff all the paper that you are getting rid of, and explain to them that the local recycling plant will give them around 5 pence per pound of paper. Even better, tell them it’s a new way of giving a raise to hardworking students due to the economic turmoil that you are facing.
  • When negotiating contracts, shake the negotiator’s hand, and throw out the contract. Tell them to come back after they go paperless, too.

OK, we jest 🙂

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