To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade ?

To Upgrade or NOT to Ugrade ?


You know how it is; some of us are suckers for the latest gadget, the latest version of software or an updated app for your phone or tablet.

However, the newest, shiniest and fastest is not necessarily the best. Who remembers the newest smartphone that30-09-2013 09-06-43 was released with a blatantly untested mapping app that sent drivers to completely the wrong place ? Quite a hard lesson for those meaning to go to Uckfield and ending up in ????????

Obviously, the above was a problem for the lost driver but it was quite easy to sort this out. They just needed to turn around and head off in the right direction, most likely swearing profusely at their SatNav and at anyone getting in their way.


In business, however, choosing the wrong software or upgrading to the latest version of the software that they already have couldUpgrade potentially be catastrophic if not done at the right time. Rob Thomas IT Ltd have come across this several times and have really needed to dig deep to empathise with those clients that have got things very wrong. We really would not be human if we didn’t have occasional “I told you so” moments.

The worst example was when a company contacted Rob Thomas IT Ltd in some distress. The company had received a software upgrade for their accounting software and their IT support (not trained in the specific software) merrily went ahead with installing the upgrade on their network and the client pcs. The users continued to process transactions for a fortnight and were really excited about using the new features and really gaining benefits from them.

The company only realised that something was wrong when they went to use their BACS software that had worked fine with the previous version of their accounts software. They then had to manually key in details that had been there before.

More problems started rearing their heads; their Credit Control software did not work either and the link to their Job Costing and CRM software had also ceased to work.

With all these issues, the company decided to contact the accounting software vendor for their help with “downgrading” theirExpert software back to before they upgraded. Then came the horrendous news that this wasn’t possible, unless they were prepared to re-input the fortnight’s worth of transactions.

Not so easy as just turning the car around and heading off in the correct direction this time. Lots of swearing and screaming ensued this time as well but this mistake was more difficult to resolve and cost the company dearly.

So……the moral of this post is that if you as a business run several integrated software packages that rely on each other to work correctly, check with an expert in the software that you have before upgrading. You know it makes sense.

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