What’s New in ACT! v.16 ?

What’s New in ACT! v16 ?


ACT! Version 16

ACT! is now owned by Swiftpage

Swiftpage has partnered with Sage for years, and knows the products and customers well. ACT! products are great complements to Swiftpage’s products. Now that ACT! has been acquired by Swiftpage, they will invest to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services that help businesses convert leads, retain customers and grow.

Who is Swiftpage ?

Swiftpage is a global provider of digital marketing and CRM solutions. They’ve also been a long-term partner with Sage, providing email marketing and social media marketing solutions for ACT! customers that help their businesses grow. With the acquisition of ACT!, Swiftpage will be able to leverage its great technology and talent to continue to answer the needs of small businesses everywhere.

What is Swiftpage’s strategy for ACT!

In the short term, they will be continuing to manage and support ACT! “business as usual”. Their goal is to develop their marketing and CRM solutions to further help businesses convert leads, retain customers and grow. They are creating a pathway of growth through their portfolio of products. They are also set to fully leverage the best of all products to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, solutions in the future.
First Release of ACT! since Acquisition by Swiftpage
The release of ACT! v16 is the first of the Swiftpage-owned ACT! versions and has been designed with extensive user input and delivers new functionality and enhancements that help you maximize your time, prioritize intelligently, and be informed and prepared to market and sell.
So…..What’s New in ACT! v16 ???
Streamlined Company Management
A consolidated view of contact details for everyone you do business with at a company – automatically. Effortlessly link all contacts atACT a company to benefit from a consolidated view of notes, history, and activities for everyone you do business with. Act! v16 can automatically link existing and new contacts to company records so you don’t have to. Market and sell intelligently, because you’re informed and prepared based on a complete view of all contact interactions at a company, and save time by performing global actions like emailing and scheduling. Company records are automatically created when the first contact is created – both in the office and using ACT! Premium Mobile.
***NEW*** Calculated Fields
Act! v16 puts your data to work for you by performing calculations automatically in a field using data from other standard or customACT Calculated Fields fields. Use calculations based on age, date, percentage, dollar value, currency, and other data to help you prioritize and make data-driven decisions. Automate specific actions based on calculated data, including contract renewals, birthday and thank you notes, follow-up surveys, restock reminders – and more.
***NEW*** History View
Assess productivity, see a customer activity timeline, export data, and schedule global follow-up actions via a dynamic new view that aggregates user and system history. With Act! v16, you’ll gain business insight from a convenient view of all completed user activities and system actions such as to-dos, calls, e-mails, meetings, and deleted contacts. Save time by filtering past activities and scheduling individual or global actions from a single history view instead of within individual contact records.
ACT Consolidated View
ACT! Premium Mobile Enhancements
Be more productive while away from the office using new mobile features and enhancements that save time and make ACT Mobileyou smarter. Act! Premium Mobile in v16 puts the same group and company functionality you rely on in the office at your fingertips. View customer groups – like hot leads in the city I’m traveling to – then send an email to all contacts at a specific company. A new splits screen tablet view lets you scroll through, select and view records more conveniently.
Usability and Speed Improvements
Act! v16 introduces Scheduler Notifications, designed to proactively notify you of the success or failure of system events like backupsACT failure and sync, based on rules you define. Now you can also reschedule activities en masse and take advantage of streamlined Act! Web Client configuration capabilities.
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