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 Accounting The PaperLess Way 

PaperLess enables all sizes of organisations to manage all their documents so that everyone has access to the documents that PaperLess dialthey require quickly and securely.

Integrated with your accounting solution, PaperLess handles all accounting documents and journal types managing the whole routine from scanning or adding electronic documents; transfer to and lookup from your accounting solution and automatic invoice recognition with invoice approvals.

Non accounting documentation is securely managed in a separate archive, with complete user rights control so your data remains secure and PaperLess RemoteAccess means that all functionality is available via the Internet just running one small file with no software installation required.

 Invoice Recognition 

PaperLess finds the data from your invoices and saves your timePaperLess blocks.

PaperLess uses two layers of sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise the information on your invoices. PaperLess also supports XML invoices.

PaperLess can handle multiple suppliers with multiple document formats.

Key points:

  • Fast invoice recognition process to extract data from your invoices
  • Two layers of recognition technology
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • PaperLess can run invoice recognition on multiple invoices at the same time and configuration to handle many different invoice formats is easily managed.

Automatic invoice recognition saves time and reduces errors, PaperLess even checks for duplicate transactions when running invoice recognition.

 Post & View 

Post transactions to your accounting application directly All transaction types can be prepared and then posted from PaperLess saving time as documents attached to the transaction immediately. Documents are available to view in the Accounting Archive view instantly without any waiting and you can see the transaction details and document flow record.

Key points:

  • Quick manual data entry and viewing documents without leaving accounting lines
  • Post all transaction types from the source document
  • All transactions from your accounting application synchronised with PaperLess
  • Preparing transaction in PaperLess is efficient as you can always see both the accounting system transaction and the preparation in PaperLess. No time is wasted waiting for synchronisation as it can be instant.

As you can scroll the document in the view without leaving the accounting lines, data entry is quick and you save considerable amounts of time by viewing all the data together. The lookup of document from your accounting system in PaperLess will show the document and all the approvals history and accounting information.

 Invoice & Document Approval

PaperLess provides you with a way to ensure that your approvals process can be structured to the way your organisation works.Approved This means that the people within an organisation who are involved in the approval process have no requirement to have access to your chosen accounting application.

Key points:

  • Ensure that any document that requires approval can be tracked through the approval process
  • All business documents can be managed within document flow
  • Audit trail is clear for all user’s approvals

All business documents such as contracts, expenses, purchase orders, quotations, and invoices can be managed by PaperLess Document flow.

Once the approvals process is complete you can make a final check on the transactions, and amend any accounting lines in the transaction voucher prior to posting in your accounting application.


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