Complete Credit Management Service

We offer a complete credit management service that ensures that outstanding invoices are collected quickly and efficiently in line with a client agreed terms of business.
Clients using this service usually enjoy a reduction in outstanding debts of 30% after 3 to 6 months of operation. In some cases this figure has been as high as 65%
Imagine 30% of your aged debt converted into cash in your bank account!
There are two main elements to the service:
  1. Credit Control
  2. Debt Recovery
1. Credit Control Service
The Credit Control service is delivered in our client’s name, making our involvement invisible to customers. Our approach is service focused and proactive with a high degree of personal contact via telephone which helps relationship development. We engage early, speaking to a customer before payment is due to ensure any queries or disputes are uncovered early and dealt with efficiently to clear the way for payment to be made within or close to agreed terms of business.
  • Collect your money faster improved cash flow
  • Reduced debt levels
  • Flexible and scalable resource, cheaper and easier than employing direct
  • Reduce exposure to company failure
We continue to call in line with an agreed documented process until we either collect money or we agree escalations is necessary.
2. Debt Recovery Service
Escalating to our debt recovery process can provide extra impetus where a customer has not paid within a reasonable time frame.
The recovery process is quick and efficient, designed to encourage dialogue with a customer. In this way we can to help separate the “can’t pay” from the “wont pay” and the act accordingly. The aim is to recover your money as fast as possible whilst keeping costs to a minimum.
Where needed we will complete a pre legal evaluation and manage the cases to conclusion and collection through the courts and appropriate agents.
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