Software for Residential and Nursing Care Homes


Are you running a Residential or Nursing Care Home ?

CareMaster patientSage 50 Accounts is great software for keeping track of your business’ accounts, is suitable for many businesses and is the UK market leading accounting software. However, there are some specific industries that struggle just using Sage 50 Accounts, mainly because of relatively complicated invoicing requirements.

The Residential and Nursing Care Home industry is particularly notorious for having more complex invoicing requirements because of having to invoice in different ways depending on the funding source.

We would like to introduce CareMaster software,  a resident records and invoicing system for nursing and care homes with direct integration to Sage 50 Accounts, the UK market leading accounting software.


CareMaster software is able to handle the complexities of repeat billing to multiple funding sources, such as from Local Authorities, County Councils, Dept. of Social Security, Family, Relatives and any combination of these.


The system is suitable for single homes or for multi-home groups. CareMaster can also be used by organizations providing a bureau service to Care Homes.

Multiple funding sources such as Local Authority, Health Authority and Funded Nursing Care can be set up for each resident. When rates change the sophisticated global update facility makes the tiresome job of updating residents’ records with new rates quick and easy. When rate increases are notified late, adjustments can be made retrospectively.


Most local authorities operate their own unique invoicing arrangements often running on different cycles and CareMaster is able to deal with this. Resident data can be reported on along with occupancy analysis, average fee rates and invoicing details.


Unlike some other Care Home software packages, CareMaster integrates directly with Sage 50 Accounts which means that invoices can be posted directly to the residents accounts at the click of a button and without any re-keying of data. The standard invoice layouts can be used or users can set up their own layouts incorporating a logo or other design. Various Local Authority invoicing layouts are already included and others can be added on request. Both invoices and resident records can be archived.


There is a built-in Occupancy Analysis facility which allows users to build up a complete occupancy history for each room. Reports can be run at any time to show the current occupancy levels and expected income. A report writing service is available for those who require information which is not already provided for in the standard reports.RESIDENT PERSONAL ALLOWANCES 

Keeping track of resident’s personal allowances can be a difficult task, many care homes use manual systems or spreadsheets but these leave room for error. The CareMaster Personal Allowances module simplifies the process and allows administrators to check on balances at any time.

Each resident can have one or more personal accounts and all of their transactions can be recorded and reported on. Multiple payment and receipt types can be created and transaction, balance and statement reports can be produced. All of this information is held within CareMaster and is totally separate from the organization’s accounts.

  • One or more Personal Accounts for each resident.
  • Multiple payment and receipt types.
  • Easy transaction entry.
  • Transaction reporting.
  • Balance listings.
  • Resident statements.


The list should give you an idea of what is available

  • Automatic Invoice Production
  • Resident Records
  • Unlimited Residents
  • Multiple Funding Sources
  • Multiple Homes
  • Multiple Invoicing Periods
  • Ad-hoc Invoices
  • Show Credit Values on Invoices
  • Caters for Extras (Chiropody, Newspapers, Hairdressing etc.)
  • Council Documentation
  • Management Reports
  • Integrated with Sage 50 Accounts
  • Comprehensive Search Facility
  • Customisable Invoice Layouts
  • Invoice Archive Facility
  • Invoice Reprint Facility
  • Resident Archive Facility
  • Global Rate Update
  • Occupancy Analysis
  • Retrospective Adjustments
  • Residents’ Personal Allowances (Extra Cost Option)
  • User Names and Access Rights


Risedale“The process of raising sales invoices in the care home industry is specialized and extremely labour intensive. The combination of Sage and CareMaster means that our entire accounting and invoicing procedures run extremely smoothly. Our invoicing process used to take days. With CareMaster the entire monthly process of creating invoices, printing them and posting them to Sage has now reduced this down to a few hours. We can’t imagine having to go back to our old systems.”

“We purchased CareMaster in order to cut down on what we felt was unnecessary administrative work. A lot of our invoices are very similar from month to month and we purchased the program to help minimize the effort taken to produce them. The link to Sage 50 means that tasks are no longer duplicated and we’ve greatly reduced the time taken to complete our invoicing cycle. We also use the program to help provide fee analysis data and maintain our residents database.”

Czalka“The organization had been successfully using Sage 50 for several years as well as Payroll but the demands of generating sales invoices within the care home industry are not insignificant and we felt the need to streamline the sales invoice production process. There are many invoicing packages on the market for care homes but our research showed that very few fulfilled our most important criteria and that was to both link to Sage and be sufficiently powerful to meet our requirements of completely automating the invoicing process.

CareMaster’s flexibility in terms of calculating invoice charges without manual intervention was critical. Other demands of the industry such are dealing with the annual DSS April client contribution changes are also automated. CareMaster’s invoice layouts can be tailored to suit individual requirements as well as meeting local authority needs. Additionally, CareMaster maintains a comprehensive resident’s database. It is completely open-ended – a home can have as many invoice runs as necessary, raising as many invoices as required to an unlimited number of third parties.

Within a couple of months, the entire invoicing process had been reduced from one day down to just an hour. We consider that this time saving (along with the other management information provided) ensures that CareMaster will prove an excellent long-term investment for the company.”

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