SAGE HR Advice

Sage HR Advice contains the following features:

  • Website: A comprehensive, easy-to-use website full of guidance and advice, divided into three sections and 45 topics.  It translates the law into plain English, as well as advising on human resource management and best practice.  The service is continually updated with the latest statute and case law developments and its accuracy and relevancy is continually monitored by a bench of professionals.
  • Document Templates: This suite of HR documentation comprises over 100 procedures, step-by-step guides, letters, policies, forms and contracts of employment.  These documents download instantly in Microsoft Word format for you to print onto company-headed paper.
  • FAQs: An online bank of answers to businesses’ frequently-asked human resource and employment law questions is updated continually with the answers to questions asked of our HR professionals.
  • Alerts: Proactive e-mail alerts tell you what you need to know and do ahead of legally required change, and give you the tools to remain compliant.
  • Monthly Newsletters: Keep up to date with the latest developments in human resource management and employment law, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Service Updates: The Sage HR Advice website is constantly evolving – each month we’ll send you an update of the most recent and important additions to the service.

Sage HR Advice Professional includes all the features of Sage HR Advice, plus:

  • Professional Advice: Speak with a human resource and employment law professional to receive legally reliable advice about your employee issues.  You can make contact by telephone, 9-5 weekdays, and receive instant, practical advice.  Telephone calls are charged at local rate, and you are not restricted in the number of calls that you can make during your 12-month subscription.  Alternatively, e-mail your query and receive a response within two working days
  • Quality Service: Your queries are fielded by qualified professionals, each with an average of over 10 years’ hands-on human resource experience. The advice is not legalistic, but practical and tailored to your specific situation.  The service includes research and investigation into unusual or unprecedented situations.  All details of a case are treated in the strictest confidence.
  • Completely Trackable: Incidences are case number driven, so that we can easily refer to the history of an issue. All calls are recorded and, where appropriate, a follow-up e-mail clarifies the main points of the advice given. Furthermore, we endeavour to provide a continuity of professional advisor to build a trusting relationship and save you from unnecessarily repeating information to different people.
  • Compliance Trail: If you need a history of advice on which you have acted, the Sage HR Advice Professional service can supply you with an appropriate report, documenting website usage, documents downloaded, e-mail traffic and telephone calls.  This part of the service can save much time and money with a solicitor, as it pieces together the history of an incidence.

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