Sorting out other people’s mess

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Sorting out other people’s mess


My wife is always telling me that she spends most of her life clearing up after me and I always thought that I was pretty well house-dirty platestrained. Personally, I think that she has the problem as she seems to always becleaning and tidying up except when watching Judge Judy or “murder” documentaries when having a break from cleaning and tidying.

Tidying up my “mess” is pretty easy and my wife really can’t go wrong. Socks in drawer, plates in dishwasher, shoes in shoe cupboard etc… The worse that can happen is that I can’t find something that I need, such as my shoes but I have another pair for emergencies that I hide from her.

However, in business, tidying up someone else’s mess is not usually quite so easy and in many cases can be pretty expensive.

We at Rob Thomas IT Ltd Ltd have seen and resolved some pretty horrific messes caused by in-house IT staff or even external so-called ITPulling hair out “professionals” that have stated that “we have installed all sorts of software” and “we can do the implementation ourselves” and “why would I want the added expense of getting a professional in”.

Getting people in that do not know what they are doing nearly always ends up costing not only more consultancy money but also loss of use of the software and / or hardware by staff when they really needed to access it. Countless nights of worry as well for a few of the companies that we have helped.

So…the moral of the story is “You get what you Pay for” and it’s false economy not to “Get it done Right the First Time”. Choose Rob Thomas IT Ltd and then you will be able to relax.

If you are interested in Rob Thomas IT Ltd implementing Sage UK and Draycir software in the “Right Way” and the “First Time”, get in contact by emailing or calling us on 01825 766406.


If you need your mess sorted out, we may be able to help with that as well (unless you need your socks put away); we’ve helped lots of businesses after they have been left in a mess.



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