Please see below a selection of comments from clients that have been pleased with our services. There are many more but just not enough room to show them all here.

I was really impressed with the fact that one consultant was able to install, configure and train myself and other members of staff in a variety of items of software that all integrated with each other. There was therefore complete continuity for us and we did not need to adapt to different individuals styles of training.

(Client, who is an architect, uses Sage 50, Sage Job Costing Professional, Sage Financial Forecasting and Sage Payroll Professional over a network of 4 pcs)
What I found to be a refreshing change from some companies was that if a task was neither within the consultant’s skillset nor the range of software that the company supports, then the consultant would point you to alternative companies that may offer more appropriate or complimentary services. Rob Thomas IT Ltd are more interested in making sure that you receive the correct solution rather than just selling you their services regardless of them being an “incorrect fit.
(Client uses Swiftpage ACT ! (supplied, installed and trained upon by us but required a solution for administering their Support Desk and Field Service operations. We sourced the correct software, shadowed the installation with the provider and consequently provided a complete solution)
I had been particularly unhappy with the service that I had been receiving from my existing Sage Business Partner; delayed call-backs, little information on upgrades available, lack of website etc….Consultants from Rob Thomas IT Ltd initially completed an assessment of my current system at reasonable cost and then set me up with a Sage Business Partner that they had dealt with successfully. I now have business hours telephone support which is extremely responsive and also regular contact with Rob Thomas IT Ltd consultants. Where necessary they have attended my premises to complete upgrades, give tailored training and generally keep me up-to-date.”

(Client (who constructs raised platforms and racking) uses Sage 200)
“Here at ……… we have a real mixture of personalities and capabilities in terms of accounting and IT skills. The consultant from Rob Thomas IT Ltd was excellent in the way that he was able to communicate within the training that he completed for us at a level that matched the student. As a result, all of my staff that took the training feel far more confident with using the software than they could have been otherwise.”
(Client (who sells sports wear and equipment) uses Sage 50 and Sage Payroll over a network of 4pcs)
“I found that, partly due to the expansion of my accountancy practice, I was attracting clients that needed to be offerred more than just the accountancy services that I was able to offer, such as keeping control of their contacts with their customers. I was neither able nor did I have the time to be able to research and then assist these clients into possible solutions for them. This is where Rob Thomas IT Ltd have stepped in and guided both myself and my clients towards the extra services that they sometimes need. I see them as providing an invaluable extension to my already extensive portfolio of services and this in turn adds value to my clients’ business relationship with my company.”
(This accountancy practice is now able to offer many additional services to that which it used to and also has received in-house training in the Sage range of software both for its internal use and for use when at its clients)
“We are a fully Accredited Sage Business Partner and we use consultants from Rob Thomas IT Ltd  from time to time to fill the gaps in our staff’s knowledge. One of the specific areas that we at times struggle to provide advice and support upon is the manufacturing industry. This is one of the example areas where they are able to assist our business and make a successful sale for us and then follow the project through to completion for our client. They operate in a polite and professional manner with our clients and help us to extend the range of products and services that we are able to offer, whilst not needing to employ someone as a full-time employee.”
(This is a Sage Business Partner based in London that Rob Thomas IT Ltd have dealt with for several years)
“We are the largest privately owned Partitioning company in the UK. Shortly after the start of 2006 we implemented the, at the time, new Sage MMS version 3 across our 50 user network, over 4 offices (now moved to Sage 200). Spindle Professional allows us to print from all of these offices all of the different types of paperwork that each office requires, with their respective addresses and logos. Spindle Professional works very well with Sage 200 and allows us to operate well with our very bespoke system. Rob Thomas from Rob Thomas IT Ltd successfully implemented the Spindle Professional software with first of all Sage MMS and now Sage 200 and have assisted with any queries afterwards. His support and in-depth knowledge (both of Spindle Professional and Sage 200) have allowed us to implement a potentially tricky software with relative ease.”
(In this case, we were approached by a major Sage Business Partner who were in the process of implementing Sage MMS version 3.5 but did not have the in-house expertise to implement Spindle Professional software to compliment Sage MMS. Rob Thomas IT Ltd therefore worked together with the Sage Business Partner to provide a jointly provided “Total Solution” and have continued to do sowhen and after migrating to Sage 200)
“We had been struggling to find an “off the peg” course that would meet our needs, but the tailored training you provided was just the ticket.  As we both work under considerable time pressure, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to cover all the areas we needed to know about in one half-day session at our own premises, and without a load of waffle about things we already knew inside out.  We shall certainly come back to Rob Thomas IT Ltd should other training requirements become apparent, and recommend you without hesitation to others who may need your help.”
(Client (who provides data security services to businesses to prevent sensitive information being stolen) uses Sage 50 across network of 4 pcs)
“I found the training session provided by Rob Thomas IT Ltd to be very useful, as I had no previous knowledge of accounting procedures and now feel more confident that I will be able to start using Sage accounting software.”
(Client (who recently started in business providing musical activities for adults and older people residing in care homes etc…) uses Sage 50)

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